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How To use Russian Piping tips | Russian Piping Tips

How To Use Russian Piping Tips

That’s the million dollar question when it comes to using Russian Piping Tips. It seems that everybody is talking about these very trendy decorating flower icing tips.

The Russian piping tips at a first look can be a bit intimidating; they are larger than regular icing tips you may know, Has all kinds of stencil and patterns on it, and look a bit complicated to use. Well, you’d be surprised at how easy it will be after reading this post.

You don’t need to be a professional baker to use theses tips; actually, these tips were created to give inexperienced bakers some advantage and the ability to create beautiful cake and cupcakes decorations without really knowing more. More experienced bakers will also love to play around with the Russian Piping Tips since they can also experience with different kinds of flowers, making even 2-3 color buttercream flowers in just one stroke and even save up time in decorating their sweets.

The first thing you should know that using Russian Piping tips comes with a learning curve. Perhaps your first time using this tips will not necessarily go smoothly, but after some practice, you’ll get it.

In this amazing video by Renee Conner, you can see step by step, how she’s creating these beautiful buttercream flowers.

Here are a few steps to make sure you’ll user your Russian Piping Tips correctly.

  1. Choose quality tips – If your tips are poorly in quality and not 100% made from durable Stainless Steel they will not be strong enough. Some will break, some will even get rusty. Make sure to purchase a high-quality set.
  2. Make a buttercream frosting –  texture is one of the most important key factors for success. To get the flower details and shape correctly you will need a good and firm icing; whipped cream will not do the job here. Make sure that your buttercream frosting is steady and not too soft.
  3. Use a sturdy pastry bag – Since you are using a strong and stiff icing you need to make sure your bags are durable also, otherwise they will mostly burst or the tips will just slip off the bag.
  4. Use a coupler to interchange easily between tips – The tips are all about fun and it is super fun to experience them by testing the different styles available. Using a coupler gives you the opportunity to switch back and forth quickly and mess free.
  5. Practice! – Yes like anything else in life if you wish to be better, you need to practice. Using Russian piping tips does come with a learning curve but after using the tips once or twice, you’ll get it.

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