3 Great Tutorials For First Time Users With Russian Piping Tips To Help You Get Started

Russian Piping Tips are not just for pros. If you stumbled upon a cupcake or even a cake decorated with beautiful buttercream flowers done with Russian Piping Tips, and you want to know more, Well – you are in the right place.


A Russian Piping Tip is a unique decorating icing tip which gives you as a baker the ability to decorate cakes and cupcakes with amazing buttercream flowers easily and fast. You don’t need to be an experienced baker or even a baker. Making buttercream flowers using regular icing tips, takes a lot of practice and techniques, but making buttercream flowers with the Russian Piping Tips, is super fun, saves you time and even inexperienced bakers can do it.

The best way to learn how to use these tips is by simply watching a video that demonstrates the technique so you’ll understand better how to use the tips and get beautiful results. If you don’t have a set of Russian Piping Tips yet, don’t forget that you’ll get your best deal here on Amazon. If you never used Russian Piping Tips before, two major things you should know is that you do need to practice, and a good frosting recipe is a key for success.

In this video by King, you can see how some flowers add so much to a plain cake, and how easy it is to transform your cake from a “regular” cake to a WOW cake using the Russian Piping Tips.


This great video by SugarCoder, demonstrates the use of the popular Russian Piping Tip which is the Tulip and Rose.


Watch how Gretchen so effortlessly transforms her cake using these Tips. In her video, she explains the importance of a steady Buttercream, and you can also get a recipe, sweet!

After watching these videos you probably got the general idea when it comes to using these tips. Each video showed you different tips and the end result flower you’ll get from each one.  Besides practice, of course, a use of a steady buttercream is must. Each tip has a flower stencil on it, and in order to get the complete flower’s details, a constant frosting is important otherwise you’ll get a big blob of icing and the undesired result.

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