The Best Frosting Recipes To Use With Russian Piping Tips

A good buttercream recipe is simply the most important thing you should have when using the Russian Piping Tips.


Russian Piping Tips work by pushing your icing through the tip and creating a flower and petal shapes based on the tip you are using. This is the reason that Buttercream frosting is considered to be the best frosting to use with Russian Piping Tips. You need a steady and stiff icing so you’ll get each shape and details of the tip. If the cream or frosting you are using is too soft, you’ll not get the desired details since the cream will collapse and will not be steady enough.

Two things you should know about the buttercream, the recipe is important but also the buttercream temperature. If you have a good buttercream recipe but your buttercream is too soft, it might not do the job.

In this fantastic tutorial by Renee Conner , a guru when it comes to using Russian Piping Tips, she’s testing some recipes which can work with Russian Piping Tips. She also explains the pros and cons to each one, simply a must watch the video to understand the importance of the frosting and its texture. She also included her very own recipes for all the frosting she has tested.

There’s no doubt that using Russian Piping Tips comes with a learning curve, but without a good frosting that will fit those tips, it’s impossible to create those stunning flowers. Keep in mind that the Russian Piping Tips need a steady yet smooth frosting in order to create the decorative flower on your cakes and cupcakes. As long as your frosting is stable, your flowers will come out beautifully.

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  • Ann Marie Daly
    March 11, 2017Reply

    Thanks for the tips!!!

  • Debbie S Cunningham
    May 6, 2017Reply

    what is your recipe for american buttercream to use with russian piping tips? links aren't available. :(

  • Debbie S Cunningham
    May 6, 2017Reply

    i can't find the link for the american buttercream recipe to use with russian piping tips.

  • B
    May 12, 2017Reply

    How do you make the flowers with two colors?

    • Team
      June 7, 2017Reply

      You can do that in many ways, here a nice post that might assist you

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