The Best Russian Piping Tips on Amazon

It seems that the best way to get a good deal for Russian Piping Tips is online. And the best place to buy products online is of course, Amazon.

On Amazon you can find a huge selection of Russian Piping Tips sets. Some are bigger than others, and some are better than others. Here are 5 factors you need to consider before buying your Russian Piping Tips Set.

  1. Quality – Make sure to pick a durable 304 Stainless Steel Set. If your set is not Stainless Steel, it means that it’s not durable and probably will break or get rusty.
  2. Quantity – Some cases are offering an all in one experience,  while others will provide only the Russian Tips. From our research, it seems that it’s more cost effective to get an overall set than just tips. The delta between just a tips set to an all-in-one set which also includes extras such as a coupler, or pastry bags adds up just to a few bucks.
  3. Extras – We all love to get freebies and accessories.  Some sets are offering a very good deal along with the tips, you will get pastry bags, couplers, leaf tips and more.
  4. Price – The good sets are retailing between $10-$30. Overall buying a Russian Piping tips set is affordable and each one can find a set which will fit his or her budget. In a $15 set you will probably just get tips, but if you increase your budget to $25 or even $30, You will get much more.
  5. Reviews – Always check the product’s reviews to avoid surprises and making sure that the set you are getting is good.

We selected three sets which are available on Amazon and compared all three, with the factors we’ve mentioned above.


Bottom line it seems that Crownbake Russian Piping Tip set is the best one out of these 3, their set is the most comprehensive yet affordable set. CrownBake caught our eyes not only because it’s a hot new release, meaning buyers are loving this set, but also since it has a great combination of Russian Tips such as the flowers one but also the Sphere ball tips and of course you get lots of extras such the bags, recipes and more. 

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